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Smart indoor camera

Smart indoor camera

Alerts in real time,
so that action can be taken in the event of an intrusion.

A revolutionary security camera with facial recognition.

Unlike motion detection cameras which
they ask you to waste time watching the videos,
this camera notifies you immediately that it has been detected
intruder by sending a photo of his face,
as well as video.
The camera also has an alarm detection function.
When the camera detects an alarm, such as theft or
fire, it sends a notification to the smartphone
and record video.

Intruder warnings

Known or unknown person? With facial recognition and immediate burglary notification,

take action only when necessary.

Protect your family's privacy

Use facial recognition to pre-record familiar faces to disable them

notifications and videos from them.

Your internal camera's job is to detect intruders, not your loved ones.

Completely secure data

Your data is always safe.

You can store videos locally on a microSD card using high security encryption and,

if you want, back them up to the cloud via Dropbox, iCloud or your FTP server.

Easy to install

You don't have to be an expert or a technical wizard to install the camera.

You just need a docking station, Wi-Fi, smartphone to download the app

and take a few minutes.

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