Execution of all types of electrical installations

High voltage part

  • Power lines up to 400kV
  • Transformers up to 20MVA

Low voltage part

  • All types of 0,4kV installations
  • Lighting
  • Cabinets, enclosures and control panels
  • Plugs/sockets



Lightning installations

All types of signal levels installations

  • Telephone
  • Video survailance
  • Computer networks
  • Sound
  • TV
  • Antiburglar, antifire and alarm systems


PREVIOUSLY COMPLETED WORKS - A technical technological solvency

Since the registration in 02.04.1992 the main business of our company is electric-trade, design and construction.We have vast experience in industrial, commercial and domestic electrical installations and with the maintenance and repair of all types of electrical systems.

We would like to mention that most of our employees have worked in the oldest craft cooperative in the Republic of Macedonia "Nikola Tesla.
Especially in the field of electricity, we would point out the following as our biggest specialty

- Performing all types of electrical installations.
As confirmation of the above, we present you our reference list of larger projects carried out so far:

» Administrative complex ``Intex``-Skopje; T.S.10/0.4KV 630KVA where the investor was C.C.``Pelagonija`` with total value of 115.000,00 Euros and completition term of 45 days in 1994;

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» Making LV energy distribution for TC OBKL with total value of 230,000 Euros, within 45 days in 1998.

» Watch tower ``Mazales``-20KV over head H.V. transmission line and S.T.S. 20/10/0.4 KV; 100KVA where the investor was The Ministry of Defense of Republic of Macedonia, with total value of 189.500,00 Euros and completition term of 60 days in 1994;




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Makedonski Naroden Teatar

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Muzej Makedonska Borba

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Memorijalen centar holokaust

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Skopje 2014

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Severna obikolka na Skopje

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Trgovski Soravija

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Park Aerodrom

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Arheoloski muzej i javno obvinitelstvo

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